Classes update

We’re launching a new set of classes this year, and a redesigned beginner’s continuing course!

Progression through levels looks like this:


What to do if you were with us in 2016:

  • Completed one Beginner block – jump into the next available Continuing block (any colour) and then take all three!
  • Completed one Continuing block (since Sept/Oct) – complete two more Continuing blocks. Once you jump up to intermediate, we’ll ask that where possible you taxi* in the colour you’ve missed!
  • Joined Intermediate classes around (or before) Sept/Oct – you’re all welcome to taxi in the Continuing blocks, in fact, please do! Some of you haven’t been around as long as others so we’ll let you know when we think attending any Continuing classes will be just the refresher you need.

Speak to us in person if your situation doesn’t quite match any of those above. Some people may choose to do the Beginners course more than once before moving on, and occasionally we’ll suggest that someone repeats a specific Continuing block colour as they move into Intermediate classes.

This transition will take around 6 months and after this time our Intermediate classes will assume all the basic knowledge and shapes taught in Continuing classes.

As always, let us know if you have any questions! We’re super excited about these changes and have heaps of awesome stuff to share this year. See you on the dance floor soon!

*What’s a taxi?? “Taxis” help people get from one place to another – in this case, dance levels! Higher level dancers can attend a lower level dance class as ‘taxis’. The primary purpose of taxiing is to give newer dancers the opportunity to dance with people who already know the basic moves and shapes being taught. Taxis take part in classes with no cost.


2 thoughts on “Classes update

  1. Hi can u pls tell me when your next block starts for Lindy hop beginners? Just missed the first class for this year. D’oh!

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