April workshops with Maya and Rupert

We have the amazing privilege to host Maya and Rupert from Auckland who will be running some incredible classes for us! You can register here now!


The classes will be focus on Lindy Hop and Aerials. Dancers of other styles are also welcome to attend the Aerials class!

Check out the workshop schedule below:


We’ve got some great pass options for you – there’s something that will suit everyone here! Note: you will need to arrange an aerials partner and both people will need to complete a registration form.

Registration options:

Full access weekend pass (includes aerials) – $80
Access to all workshops (Saturday and Sunday, including aerials) and the Saturday night social dance.

Beginner or Intermediate pass (does not include aerials) – $50
Access to EITHER the Beginner OR Intermediate two-hour intensives on Saturday, plus the all-in class on Sunday morning and Saturday night social dance.

Aerials pass – $50
Access to the Saturday night dance, all-in class Sunday, and aerials workshops.

Aerials class only – $35
Access to the two-hour aerials intensive on Sunday.

Beginner or Intermediate class only (does not include aerials) – $35
Access to one of the two-hour intensives on Saturday.

All-in class only – $18

Social dance only – $10

Payment can be made via internet banking (or cash during classes). Sign-up now!

We’ve done our best to make this accessible for you – it’s not often we get teachers of this calibre so far down south, so as a society we’ve pulled the belts in tight, subsidising costs, so that you can make the most of this opportunity.

Note: teacher training will be on Friday night. If you are interested in joining the Dunedin team (or want further information about this) then please email dunedin.swing@gmail.com for details and costs. Open to current teachers and scene leaders.


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