About us

We’re a bunch of passionate dancers working together to grow Aotearoa New Zealand’s southern-most vintage and swing dance community! We partner with the OUSA Vintage and Swing Dance Society to run social dance and teaching events throughout the year in Dunedin.

What we offer:

  • weekly classes and weekend workshops for Lindy Hop and Blues
  • one-off Balboa workshop events
  • regular social dance opportunities
  • the Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival (June 2-5 2017)
  • community dance initiatives

Being this close to Antarctica means it’s never too hot to dance! So whether it’s swinging-out over summer’s long days, or dancing the blues through our endless winter nights, we’d love you to join us.

See our Facebook page for all of our news and events. Join our Facebook group to be a part of our community.