OUSA Vintage and Swing Society


I’m confused, what’s the difference between Swing Riot Dunedin and the Vintage and Swing Society?

Right, fair question! So…

There are two organisations that work closely together to bring the best swing dance events and classes to Dunedin:

  • Swing Riot Dunedin
  • OUSA Vintage and Swing Society

Swing Riot Dunedin is a loose-knit organisation which oversees swing dance events and classes in Dunedin. The Swing Riot platform is used for keeping people in the know (see our Facebook page) and to organise classes for the Society. We also work together with other dance scenes around New Zealand to increase the presence of swing dancing in local communities.

The Vintage and Swing Society is an OUSA affiliated student club which partners with Swing Riot to run events in Dunedin throughout the year. Most funds for classes and events in Dunedin operate through the Society, and big decisions are taken care of by the Committee (which is made up of students and non-students). Our Midwinter Swing Festival is run by the Society in partnership with Swing Riot Dunedin.

Swing dancing in Dunedin is made possible by a host of passionate volunteers. If you want more information, please contact us using the contact link in the menu up top.