Our teachers



Rebecca’s passion for swing dancing is contagious and unstoppable. Having started her lindy journey on a whim 4 years ago she’s never looked back. With a focus on connection and musicality (not to mention facial expressions!), Rebecca finds joy in communicating the essentials of swing and loves seeing the smiles it brings.

Rebecca’s excitement about lindy is only overshadowed by her love of blues. Although she wasn’t sure about it at first, a good friend convinced her to give it a go and three years on she’s never looked back! Rebecca focuses on connection, flow and playfulness to help people experience the moment-by-moment joy of blues dancing.


Having sold his trumpet to move to New Zealand, and with a tear in his eye, Kieran needed a new way of expressing a passion for jazz and swing music (and he needed some friends). Swing dancing turned out to be just the ticket! With a keen eye for fun moves, the intricacies of technique, and a guilty passion for Strictly Come Dancing, Kieran’s enthusiasm for teaching stems from a desire to have fun, share the joy of moving to music, and build community.


Sibby is the epitome of musicality and refinement. Although she’s only recently found swing, she has found a true passion for it! Dance and performance have always been a big part of her life, she even taught Jazz ballet for several years. Bringing together her musicality, dance experience and a sense of fun, Sibby’s ready to introduce you to a world of hilarity and happiness through lindy!