Jon didn’t expect to be someone who liked to dance for fun. But apparently as a baby he loved dancing, so really he shouldn’t be so surprised. Going through the American Public School System, Jon’s appreciation of swing music came before swing dancing. Though modest to a fault, he got to be a great saxophone player, having played in his schools’ symphonic, jazz, and pep bands and his high school’s marching band. If you asked him to, he could still sing or whistle you their whole multi-award-winning show, based on the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, by heart!

So when Jon stepped into his first swing dance class in 2014, he found himself quickly hooked by how fun he found swing dancing to be. Part of what Jon likes so much about teaching and swing dancing generally, is seeing social barriers break down. This, followed by the inevitable smiles on peoples’ faces as they open themselves up to connect, dance with, and encourage each other in their own journeys of self-expression.