Easily tempted by a free class in anything, Miriam sort of fell into lindy hop by accident. Immediately dazzled, she was drawn to its unapologetic silliness as well as the mysterious mind-reading that seemed to keep dance partners so attuned. Three years on, Miriam still gets excited about the geeky technical aspects that make leading and following feel amazing. She emphasises these in her teaching, as well as making sure swing classes are a place where people can be creative, have a laugh at themselves, and come out of their shell.

Most importantly, Miriam believes the real magic of the dance is found on the social dance floor, in the sense of connection, musicality, and play. Her year of teaching and dancing in Denmark helped Miriam develop a huge appreciation for the history of lindy hop, as well as the culture of social dance in which it was created. She’s excited to bring these ideas home to Dunedin!