Rebecca has an inescapable enthusiasm for all things swing. In fact, once Rebecca started her Lindy Hop journey on a whim in 2013 she’s never looked back! With a focus on connection and musicality (not to mention facial expressions…), Rebecca finds joy in communicating the essentials of swing and loves seeing the smiles it brings. She teaches in both lead/follow roles, exploring the hidden technical aspects of the dance. Rebecca loves to see students bravely try new concepts in a warm and playful atmosphere. She’s known for her contagious energy and accessible teaching style, making class a fun challenge for everyone!

Rebecca’s excitement about Lindy Hop and other swing styles is only overshadowed by her love of Blues dance. Although she wasn’t sure about it at first, a good friend convinced her to give it a go and four years on she’s never looked back! Rebecca focuses on connection, flow and playfulness to help people experience the moment-by-moment joy of Blues dancing. Rebecca’s love of Blues dance is matched with a fierce passion to build dance communities infused with a culture of respect, consent and joy. She loves to engage students in discussion and experimentation, adapting her teaching style to suit the needs of those in class on the day.