Social events

Dunedin has a bunch of great social dancing opportunities (if you know where to look)! Here’s an insiders guide to what’s on:


Jazz in the Pocket – teeny tiny dance floor, huge live jazz. Each week the Dog With Two Tails shows off the local talent from 8pm, with a house band and then musicians’ jam. Keep an eye on the JITP Facebook page for details on style (swing, blues, latin, funk) and head along when it suits you! *Every Thursday!*

Lindy Lunchtime (Friday) – give yourself something to look forward to on a Friday with a lunchtime full of lindy! A bit of a misnomer, you’ll actually find opportunities to practice all the different swing grooves from 12-2pm at OUSA Clubs and Socs. Great music and fine dance floor guaranteed – come along for a jam or practice and end the week swingin’! *Check facebook to see if it’s running this week!*


The Mini Hop – this sweet social dance is tucked into week three of each block gives you the opportunity to practice your social dancing out in the wild! There’s a mixture of Lindy Hop and Blues Dance opportunities for all levels. We also have teachers available for quick questions and, of course, a dance! Keep an eye out for event details on Facebook as they come up!

End of Block Social Dance -reward all that hard work you’ve put in and bust out your new moves at our end of block parties! Bringing together all levels, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know more dancers in Dunedin while having great fun using your new skills to dance the night away. Keep an eye out for event details on Facebook as they come up!

Cocktails and Jazz – join us for a cozy and sophisticated evening of blues dancing, sprinkled with, sprinkled with lindy and bal.

As well as our regular haunts, in summer we have picnics in the botanical gardens and seek out live open-air bands. All year groups of dancers (small and large) get together for coffee, practice and hang-outs. Our Facebook Page and Group has all the last minute details of events and opportunities as they happen, so join us there for more info.