Class levels


Learn to Lindy Hop (Beginners/Introduction)

Suitable for complete beginners, or anyone new to lindy hop. Usually run over 5 weeks, this class will teach you the basics of swing dancing, giving you everything you need for a great night on the social dance floor. In these classes we focus on footwork patterns and having heaps of fun!

Lindy Hop Beginners Continuing

Suitable for those who are ready to build on the basics. Usually run in 3-block cycles, these classes focus on core techniques such as pulse, frame, momentum and connection. We also cover the most common shapes you’ll find on the dancefloor for Lindy Hop and partnered Charleston – and how to make these even more fun!

Lindy Hop Intermediate

Suitable for those who are ready to move beyond set shapes and rhythms. Usually run as loosely themed 5-week blocks, these classes focus on taking your dancing to the next level. We look at rhythm variations, play, improvisation, tricks, fast/slow, etc. We revisit core techniques and what informs your own dance style.

Note: students interested in this class will usually have around 6 months dance experience, be confident on the social dance floor and move comfortably between Lindy Hop and partnered Charleston shapes. You will also be expected to have some confidence with solo jazz.


Our Blues classes change according to the needs of our students. Check out our current teaching events on our calendar to see what’s on offer.