“‘Taint what you do, it’s the way that you do it…  ”

Welcome to one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s southern-most swing dance communities!

We run weekly classes and regular social events for Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa in Dunedin. With great music and beautiful venues, our dance community is known for its warm welcome and loud enthusiasm for all things swing!

Sharing the joy of dancing is our biggest passion. If you’ve never tried it, then we’d love to have the first dance!

All the information you need about classes and socials is on this website, and Facebook.

Let us know below if you’ve got any questions. See you on the dance floor soon!


About us

We’re a bunch of passionate dancers working together to grow Aotearoa New Zealand’s southern-most vintage and swing dance community! We partner with the OUSA Vintage and Swing Dance Society to run social dance and teaching events throughout the year in Dunedin.

What we offer:

  • weekly classes and weekend workshops for Lindy Hop and Blues
  • one-off Balboa workshop events
  • regular social dance opportunities
  • the Dunedin Midwinter Swing Festival (June 2-5 2017)
  • community dance initiatives

Being this close to Antarctica means it’s never too hot to dance! So whether it’s swinging-out over summer’s long days, or dancing the blues through our endless winter nights, we’d love you to join us.

See our Facebook group for all our news and what we’ve got coming up.


We offer classes in Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa.

Lindy Hop

We run 3 levels of lindy hop classes – intro, continuing and intermediate. Please check in with us when you’re ready to move up a level.

Lindy Hop Introduction

Suitable for complete beginners, or anyone new to lindy hop. Usually run over 5 weeks, this class will teach you the basics of swing dancing, giving you everything you need for a great night on the social dance floor. In these classes we focus on footwork patterns and fun, fun, fun! Many of our introductory classes are run through OUSA – so students, make sure you sign up for a space as soon as registrations open at the start of each semester!

Next blocks (two streams): 07/03 – 04/04 OR 09/03 – 06/04 (6pm Tuesdays or Thursdays, OUSA Clubs and Socs). These classes will be run through OUSA and registrations are essential. Open to students and non-students. Register here.

Lindy Hop Continuing

Suitable for those who are ready to build on their basics. Usually run in 3-block cycles, these classes focus on core techniques such as pulse, frame, momentum and connection. We also cover the most common shapes you’ll find on the dancefloor (in lindy hop and partnered charleston) – and how you can play with them!

Next block: 07/03 – 04/04 (6:30pm Tuesdays, Dunedin Folk Club, 50 Dundas Street)

Lindy Hop Intermediate

Suitable for those who are ready to move beyond set shapes and rhythms. Usually run as loosely themed 5-week blocks, these classes focus on taking your dancing to the next level. We look at rhythm variations, play, improvisation, tricks, fast/slow, etc. We revisit core techniques and what informs your own dance style. Note: students interested in this class will usually have around 6 months dance experience, be confident on the social dance floor and move comfortably between lindy hop and partnered charleston shapes.

Next block: 09/03 – 06/04 (7:45pm Tuesdays, Dunedin Folk Club, 50 Dundas Street)


Our Blues classes are a new addition to our weekly classes, so they are still growing in form and style. At the moment, we run 5-week blocks and the first class of each block is an introductory class which teaches core movements and principles of blues dancing. Our teachers then prepare material which caters to the class – including challenges for more experienced dancers (and accessible building blocks for newbies).

Next block: 09/03 – 06/03 Thursdays (6:15pm-7:15pm, Irish Beat Dance Studio, King Edward Court)


Balboa classes are run as one-off events during the year – usually as workshops on weekends, or in-between standard blocks. Keep an eye on our Facebook group for announcements. We hope we’ll be able to offer more balboa soon!

For classes outside of our regular blocks, check out our Facebook group for details!

Class levels differ from place to place, so if you’ve recently moved to Dunedin and already have some experience then please check in with us so we can make sure you’re in the right class.

We also ask that all our class punters read and abide by our code of conduct. If you’re new then you might want to check out our tips for new dancers.

Here are our class prices – if you need to pay by internet banking, please contact us in advance. (Note: classes run through OUSA are priced separately. You can find more information on the OUSA dance class registration page.)

Social events

Dunedin has a bunch of great social dancing opportunities (if you know where to look)! Here’s an insiders guide to what’s on:


On the 1 April we’re hosting a social dance (with live band) during Maya and Rupert’s visit to Dunedin. Join the event here for more details.


Jazz in the Pocket – teeny tiny dance floor, huge live jazz. Each week the Dog With Two Tails shows off the local talent from 8pm, with a house band and then musicians’ jam. Keep an eye on the JITP Facebook page for details on style (swing, blues, latin, funk) and head along when it suits you! *Every Thursday!*

Lindy Lunchtime – give yourself something to look forward to on a Friday with a lunchtime full of lindy! A bit of a misnomer, you’ll actually find opportunities to practice all the different swing grooves from 12-2pm at OUSA Clubs and Socs. Great music and fine dance floor guaranteed – come along for a jam or practice and start the week swingin’! *Up and running for 2017!*


End of block parties -reward all that hard work you’ve put in and bust out your new moves at our end of block parties! Bringing together all levels, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know more dancers in Dunedin while having great fun using your new skills to dance the night away. Keep an eye out for event details on Facebook as they come up!

Next end of block party: April (TBC)

Cocktails and Jazz – join us for a cozy and sophisticated evening of dancing at Pequeno, a treat we offer at least once per block. It’s the perfect venue for blues dancing, sprinkled with lindy and bal. Keep an eye out for event details on Facebook as they come up – we’ll also let you know when we might be headed to one of their live jazz evenings (less dance room, but fantastic live music).

Next Cocktails and Jazz: April/May (TBC)

As well as our regular haunts, in summer we have picnics in the botanical gardens and seek out live open-air bands. All year groups of dancers (small and large) get together for coffee, practice and hang-outs. Our Facebook group has all the last minute details of events and opportunities as they happen, so join us there for more info.

Our teachers


Rebecca’s passion for swing dancing is contagious and unstoppable. Having started her lindy journey on a whim 3 years ago she’s never looked back. With a focus on connection and musicality (not to mention facial expressions!), Rebecca finds joy in communicating the essentials of swing and loves seeing the smiles it brings.

Rebecca’s excitement about lindy is only overshadowed by her love of blues. Although she wasn’t sure about it at first, a good friend convinced her to give it a go and two years on she’s never looked back! Rebecca focuses on connection, flow and playfulness to help people experience the moment-by-moment joy of blues dancing.


Having sold his trumpet to move to New Zealand, and with a tear in his eye, Kieran needed a new way of expressing a passion for jazz and swing music (and he needed some friends). Swing dancing turned out to be just the ticket! With a keen eye for fun moves, the intricacies of technique, and a guilty passion for Strictly Come Dancing, Kieran’s enthusiasm for teaching stems from a desire to have fun, share the joy of moving to music, and build community.


Emma is our most experienced dancer and teacher. Recently migrated from Timaru, Emma brings a wealth of technical and teaching experience to our Dunedin dancers – particularly in aerials and routines. She exudes all that’s best in the swing scene and knows more than a trick or two to keep you on your toes!


Sibby is the epitome of musicality and refinement. Although she’s only recently found swing, she has found a true passion for it! Dance and performance have always been a big part of her life, she even taught Jazz ballet for several years. Bringing together her musicality, dance experience and a sense of fun, Sibby’s ready to introduce you to a world of hilarity and happiness through lindy!

What’s new

Maya and Rupert (April)

We have the amazing privilege to host Maya and Rupert from Auckland who will be running some incredible classes for us! You can register here now!


The classes will be focus on Lindy Hop and Aerials. Dancers of other styles are also welcome to attend the Aerials class!

Check out the workshop schedule below:


We’ve got some great pass options for you – there’s something that will suit everyone here! Note: you will need to arrange an aerials partner and both people will need to complete a registration form.

Registration options:

Full access weekend pass (includes aerials) – $80
Access to all workshops (Saturday and Sunday, including aerials) and the Saturday night social dance.

Beginner or Intermediate pass (does not include aerials) – $50
Access to EITHER the Beginner OR Intermediate two-hour intensives on Saturday, plus the all-in class on Sunday morning and Saturday night social dance.

Aerials pass – $50
Access to the Saturday night dance, all-in class Sunday, and aerials workshops.

Aerials class only – $35
Access to the two-hour aerials intensive on Sunday.

Beginner or Intermediate class only (does not include aerials) – $35
Access to one of the two-hour intensives on Saturday.

All-in class only – $18

Social dance only – $10

Payment can be made via internet banking (or cash during classes). Sign-up now!

We’ve done our best to make this accessible for you – it’s not often we get teachers of this calibre so far down south, so as a society we’ve pulled the belts in tight, subsidising costs, so that you can make the most of this opportunity.

Note: teacher training will be on Friday night. If you are interested in joining the Dunedin team (or want further information about this) then please email dunedin.swing@gmail.com for details and costs. Open to current teachers and scene leaders.

Midwinter Swing Festival



No series is complete without a third installment!

The 2017 Midwinter Swing Festival is back in Dunedin on Queen’s Birthday weekend (2-5 June). Save the date now and follow the event on Facebook for more details as they are confirmed!

It may be the middle of winter, but with cosy bars, swanky ballrooms, live music, and the warmest welcome, you’ll heat up those feet in no time :)

Brought to you in partnership with the Dunedin Vintage and Swing Society.

Contact us

Want to chat? Send us an email below and we’ll get back to you with all the info you need.